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At Maestro, we love well designed objects that are equally functional and pleasant to look at. Bicycles are our passion and we are still undecided whether we like them more as design objects or as revolutionary means of transportation in our chaotic, overpopulated cities. What's for sure, many of our strongest and long-lasting memories have to do with a bike.

We were born and grew up in Milan, the city of italian design. The city where so many frame builders, bicycles manufacturers and their unique, amazing creations were born. The city where champions of track racing from all over the world used to meet for a famous 6-days competition that has written memorable pages in the history of sport.

Our love for bicycles and a good craftsmanship experience were the ground for our simple idea: that unique and authentic products can still be supplied at a reasonable price, to fulfill the desire of all those who, like us, don't want to look like everybody else and value creativity, style and quality.

This is how we build our customized bikes together with you: no one looks like another and you have almost endless possibilities to combine components and colours. Our bicycles are made in Italy: the frame – the true soul of the bike – is hand made by steel not far from Milan and we source as many components as possible in Italy. Otherwise, we go where they are better than us at what they do – close to Birmingham in England for traditionally made Brooks leather saddles, as an example.

We know that the more bits and pieces you have on your bike, the more likely it is that one of them gets broken, sooner or later. This is why when designing our Maestro bikes, we decided to get rid of all unnecessary parts and keep only what is essential, so you can forget about the rest, focus on your ride and enjoy the air on your face.

That is the beauty of a naked bike: clean, lightweight, timeless lines and an amazing ease of maintenance. We like to think of these features as the ones that a bike building Maestro would give priority to. For sure we feel close to the lightness of spirit of the man who once said that "perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away".

One final advice: nothing like this can be done overnight, so we ask you to wait for a few days while your bike is assembled. We will try not to make you wait too long, but will not speed up the making either, risking to compromise the quality of the outcome. And once your bike will be with you, you will have forgotten the subtle pain of the wait and will be able to enjoy your new baby for a long, long time.

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